#teatimetip - The Wardrobe Capsule (#1)


Settling into an hour of focused time earlier in the week, I hoped to come up with a short list of projects and mini-adventures my daughter and I could tackle before she enters college in the fall.  My goal was to create a list of at least seven fun, mother-daughter activities that could realistically be squeezed into her already busy social calendar before end-of-summer.  After brainstorming for a while, I gave myself a break and browsed through my Twitter feed.  Fortunately, I quickly came across a tweet by Caroline of un-fancy.com and her blog post about creating a customized seasonal wardrobe planner she calls a “capsule”.  From the post on her website here, I was able to print a couple of free 10-page templates and an example “capsule” we could use as a guide to create our own.  And, that’s the short version of how project #1 on my list manifested!

Working on the project casually throughout the day, around outings so my daughter could hone her driving skills, we thought, talked about, and transformed our wardrobes into sets of seasonal “uniforms”.  We started by listing the items (tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, e.g.) we currently own into two areas, what we really love to wear and what we really never wear.  Getting real about what is and isn’t really working for us (fabrics, styles, colors, e.g.) really narrowed things down.  Next, we jotted down our lifestyle activities including special events & travel, the average weather during the season, and words that we associate with our personal style.  And, we made a list of stores, brands, and designers we favor and filled in a color scheme grid with the major, minor, and accent colors of items we already own.  By the end of the day, we had our lists of go-to “uniforms” for the summer (we deemed June through August) and moved one step closer to minimizing our lives and curbing the shopping habit.

I’ve already set aside follow-up time to finish my list but am kind of hoping to simply stumble on more great ideas like the one I found on un-fancy.com along the way!

If you have a moment, please leave a comment and let me know if this #teatimetip was helpful to you.