My Case for Converting to Being (a more) SimpleHuman

When my dad moved from assisted living to memory care some things changed.  Change isn’t a good thing when you have Alzheimer’s by-the-way.  One of these changes was from a bar of Zest soap on a soap tray next to the bathroom sink to an automatic soap dispenser.  Not only does dad forget to wash his hands, he has the limited ability to learn how to do this type of basic task if anything about the way he performs the task changes.  So, I stood just outside the door of the bathroom in his apartment a couple months back shocked to hear the “zip” of soap coming out of an automatic dispenser.  I couldn’t believe my ears!  Was it possible that my dad just used the soap dispenser in his bathroom?  Yep, yay!

A couple of weeks later, while calling my husband’s name from the kitchen with chicken juice hands, I thought, “why don’t we have automatic soap dispensers?”  “I need a pump of soap in my hand honey.”   How many times had he or I said this to the other while making dinner? 

If you are behind-the-curve like I was, it’s time to convert to automatic hand soap dispensers in your home kitchen and bathrooms.  This is especially important if you have children or guests in your home.  With all of the evidence out there proving hand washing reduces the spread of (bad) germs that lead to illness, why haven’t we all made the switch? 

When my kids get home, after taking off their shoes, they head straight into the bathroom and wash their hands.  Investing in automatic soap dispensers was an easy and affordable proactive step toward creating an even healthier home environment   Maybe we’ll have those automatic faucets one day, but for now, I consider this progress.

If you’re ready to convert like I did, it’s super easy to order the dispensers online from Amazon.  My favorite, and the one we have in our kitchen and bathrooms, is the SimpleHuman Brushed Nickel Sensor Pump (8oz).  It’s under $40 and worth every penny.  It takes 4 AA batteries and the lid on the back is simple to lift to refill with your favorite (homemade) hand soap.  (Reuse, Refill, Recycle - Right?)  And while you’re at it, check out the SimpleHuman Mini Round Step Trash Can.  It fits in those tight little bathrooms like ours.  I mean, what was I thinking when I put non-lidded trash cans in our bathrooms?  I guess I wasn’t thinking about the hair I pull out of the shower drain that just gets tossed in that trash can for all the world to see.

No more calling my husband into the kitchen to get a pump of soap squirted into my meat-juicy hands after prepping the kabobs for the grill.  I kind of miss that (lol) but am pretty sure he doesn’t!