Babies & Chocolate

Hi Friends,

Great news-  the family welcomed my sister-in-law and her partner's son into the world a few days ago.  We're so happy for them, yippy!  (maybe a little trip to Louisiana is in our future?)

 While I've been awaiting the baby's arrival, I've been reading Chloe Doutre-Roussel's book The Chocolate Connoisseur and taken up creating a chocolate profile database similar to the one she recommends in her book.

Justin and my first recorded tasting was a couple of days ago.  We tasted a Domori Porcelana (Italy) 70% dark chocolate bar.   After tasting it, I noted the results in my "33 Bars of Chocolate" tasting booklet; a way of tracking tasting results when I'm out-and-about. The Porcelana is a dark brown bar with a surprisingly creamy mouthfeel. The thin, dark square of chocolate snapped and drifted around in my mouth into a creamy, dark glaze across my tongue, slowly blooming into memories of the perfect lemon curd.  Just thinking about it is making my mouth water!  If you have the opportunity to taste it, please let me know what you taste and feel free to leave comments on the database here.

Domori Porcelana (Italy)

Domori Porcelana (Italy)

For our second tasting, we spent some time at Cacao in Portland yesterday and chose an assortment of Domori Single Origin 70% dark chocolates. We first tasted the Sur del Lago (Venezuela), followed by squares of Arriba (Ecuador), Morogoro (Tanznia) and Apurimac (Peru).  Finally, we tasted squares of Sambirano (Madagascar) and Teyuna (Colombia).  Once I've transferred my tasting notes, you can find them here.

Domori Assortment.jpg