Elimination Diet - Days 3 & 4

Good morning friends,

Over the past four days, I have lost at least a pound a day.  Because my goal was not to lose weight, but to try to determine if the cause of the rash was on my face was related to a food allergy / sensitivity, I have decided that it will be doing more harm than good to continue with this diet.  I was eating as much of the food as I could each day from the options the diet allowed, including the oils, vegetables and meat, but was still losing weight.  I am currently at a healthy weight but would not be if I continued to lose.  Also, I noticed that as of early evening yesterday, my rash has not really improved at all even though I've been following the elimination diet religiously.  That being said, the rash seems improved this morning after eating foods I typically eat late last night and a buttermilk, blueberry cupcake with cream cheese frosting in celebration of our three year old turning four.

The elimination diet may be a good way for anyone looking to identify a possible food allergy or sensitivity but I would recommend those trying it to monitor their weight closely while doing so.

Good Luck!